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Out of Frame VR is a virtual reality content creator and producer. Capture your ideas like never before with our custom built 360 degree 3D camera and ambisonic audio package. Let us help you create truly immersive and compelling virtual reality experiences for your audience. Deliver amazing videos custom tailored to every device.
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VR Production

Concept Design
Set Design
VR Cinematography

Post Production

Media Management
Compositing and VFX
Binaural Audio


8K Video Output
Device Compatibility
Video Distribution
App Development


watsky - x infinity tour

Lightning fast rapper George Watsky performs at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Experience VIP access the band backstage and then a front row ticket to WATSKY’S X INFINITY TOUR. At the climax of this heart pumping performance Watsky leaps over the your head and lands in the audience, crowdsurfing while still rapping.

Feed the beast

Siberian Tigers are the most elusive and deadly hunter on the planet. Now experience them like never before as host Devon Massyn accompanies you on a journey into the snow capped mountains where Siberian Tigers are known to hunt and thrive. See them sprint past you at speeds of over 40 mph, jump over the top of you, and finally feasting on fresh kill just feet away. This is an animal experience you won’t find in any zoo.

Nickelodeon's Ultimate Haunted House

Dare you walk down the haunted hallway? A frightening VR experience as you are chased by ghouls, ghosts, and zombies down an abandoned school hallway. Make it to the end and receive the key to your escape! Don't be afraid to get your scream on! Sponsored by Party City.